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Who we are

“For nearly three decades, I have helped physicians develop comprehensive financial plans. In the past decade, I have noticed a very concerning trend: many of the people I sit down with have done little to nothing in terms of developing a solid risk-management strategy to protect themselves. We created Twin Oak to help ensure that physicians can easily secure the protection they need.” - Shaun McDuffee, CEO and Founder

Finding the risk management strategy that is right for you can be difficult. You have to find an agent, find time to sit down with them in-between your shifts and figure out who they work for. Only to have the conversation pivot away from a discussion about protection to the “fun stuff” - investments.

We simplify the process to help you find a risk management strategy tailored for you! Putting you in the driver seat, we give you the tools and education needed to secure the coverage right for you.

With a dedicated team of risk management specialists, we are here to help answer questions and guide you through the process of protecting you and your family.

Twin Oak is independent of any specific insurance carrier, making our recommendations objective, transparent and focused on your needs.


Who we work for


The simple answer…

Our clients!

Being independent, we do not develop our own products. Twin Oak works with all of the major insurance carriers to help find coverage tailored specifically for you. We have the ability to mix and match carriers depending on what your situation needs - our only allegiance is to you.

All of the major insurance carriers create great “tools” (products). Through our process, we help identify your needs and look into our “tool box” to determine which tools may be right for your situation. Far too many times we see clients get fixated on the fact that since their colleague has carrier A for disability insurance, that means carrier A is also right for them. In reality, carrier A may be the right tool for your colleague, but your situation might require a different tool - carrier B.

Without having the proper information, its hard for a client to determine who or what is right for them. Our goal is to provide the information you need so that you have confidence in your own choice in coverage!



How do we get paid?

We walk you through our process and service your policies at no cost (or obligation) to you. The obvious question that follows is - “how do we get paid?”

There is a commission built into every insurance product on the planet. If you choose to implement your risk management strategy, those specific carriers will compensate us.

The next question that typically follows - “Do we have relationships with specific carriers that might compensate us more?”

We set up our company to specifically address this. No matter which carrier you choose, we will be compensated the same - making our recommendations objective, transparent and focused on your needs.